Monday 14th June 2021

Came Down Golf Club

Tues 15th June 2021

Lyme Regis Golf Club

Wed 16th June 2021

Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club

Jurassic Golf Tournament

Results 2019

Day 1 - Betterball at Bridport

1st place, Ian and Sheila Waltham (Parkstone) - 45 points

2nd place, Helen and Andy Macclean (Moor Park) - 43 points (back 9: 24)

3rd place, Gill and Steve Thomas (Chartham Park) - 43 points (back 9: 21)

Day 2 - Greensomes at Lyme Regis

1st place, Kev and Mark Stokes (Hayling) - 41 points (back 6: 14)

2nd place, Robert James/John Moore (Army GC) - 41 points (back 6: 13)

3rd place, John Charles/Susan Maslen (Hamptworth) - 39 points

Day 3 - Foursomes at Came Down

1st place, John Charles/Susan Maslen (Hamptworth) - 39 points

2nd place, Graham Archer/Christine Perrett (Ferndown) - 38 points

3rd place, Gill and Steve Thomas (Chartham Park) - 37 points (back 9: 21) and Andy Stinton/John Jowitt (Romsey and South Winchester) - 37 points (back 9: 19)

Tournament Results

1st place, Helen and Andy Macclean (Moor Park) - 118 points

2nd place, Mark Bigwood/Kevin Orchard (Parkstone/Chartham Park) - 116 points

3rd place, Kevin Downs/Steve Bateman (Crane Valley/Christchurch) - 115 points

4th place, Tim and Jane Green (Farnham) - 114 points

5th place, Gill and Steve Thomas (Chartham Park) - 113 points

Jurassic Golf Golf Results 2019

Results 2018

Day 1 - Betterball at Came Down, 11th June 2018

1st Debbie and Philip Hardiman, Farnham Golf Club, Surrey, 48 points (28 back nine)

2nd Dawn and Ian Townsend, Buckingham Golf Club, Bucks, 48 points (24 back nine)

3rd Ruth and David Coombes-Ballard, Hexham Golf Club, Northumberland, 45 points

Day 2 - Greensomes at Bridport, 12th June 2018  

1st Jude and Alistair McKenzie, Sunridge Park Golf Club, Kent, 38 points

2nd Andy Stinton and John Jowitt, Romsey and S.Winchester Golf Clubs, Hants, 37 points

3rd Martin Vowles and Neil Lonnen, Ferndown and Burley Golf Clubs, Dorset/Hants, 36 points

Day 3 - Foursomes at Lyme Regis, 13th June 2018

1st Linda and David Smith, Nelson Golf Club, Lancs, 41 points

2nd Pauline and Keith Webb, Dudsbury Golf Club, Dorset, 37 points

3rd Wayne Furber and Mitch Davies, Kings Norton Golf Club, West Midlands, 35 points (cb last 3!)

Tournament Results

1st  place, Dawn Townsend / Ian Townsend, Buckingham Golf Club, 120 points

2nd  place, David Coombs-Ballard / Rurh Coombs-Ballard, Hexham Golf Club, 114 points

3rd  place, Martin Vowles / Neil Lonnen, Ferndown & Burley Golf Club, 112 points

4th  place, Susan Maslen / John Charles, Hamptworth Golf Club, 111 points

5th  place, David Smith / Linda Smith, Nelson Golf Club, 110 points

Jurassic Golf Golf Results 2018

Results 2017

Betterball 12th June 2017 at Came Down

1st Place Keith Tilson & Trevor Hall of West Surrey Golf Club  with 48 pts

2nd Place Dave Rogers & Rod Duncan of West Surrey Golf Club with 46 pts

3rd Place Joseph Ronan & Steve Pike of Stonebridge Golf Club with 46 pts

Greensomes 13th June 2017 at Lyme Regis

1st  Place  Wayne Furber & Mitchell Davies of Sandwell Golf Club with 42 pts

2nd  Place Gary Pick & Julie Pick of Dudsbury Golf Club with 41 pts  

3rd Place Chris Burrows & Andy Hindley of West Surrey Golf Club with 41 pts

Foursomes 14th June 2017 at Bridport & West Dorset

1st  Place Peter Walton & Martin Hawkins of Burford and Long Sutton Golf Clubs with 37 pts

2nd  Place Bob Young & Jo Young of Farnham Golf Club with 36 pts

3rd Place Ken Stead & Andy Dennis of Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club with 34 Pts

3rd Place Sally White & Graham White of Romsey Club with 34 Pts

Tournament Result Sheet

1st  Place  and Winners of the Second Jurassic Golf Tournament TrophyPeter Walton & Martin Hawkins of Burford Golf Club and Long Sutton Golf Club with 112 pts

2nd  Place Dawn Townsend & Ian Townsend of Buckingham Golf Club with 112 pts

3rd Place Bob Young & Jo Young of Farnham Golf Club with 111 pts

4th Place Martin Furber &  John Ward of Kings Norton Golf Club with 110 pts

5th Place Sue Jacobs & John Jacobs of Hamptworth Golf Club with 109 pts


Player Comments

Hello John and all who helped organise this year's Jurassic Coast Golf Tournament. A massive thank you from all the guys who came down from the Midlands to participate.

Hats off to you all for superb organisation and management of the event. You even managed to sort the weather this year. It was three wonderful days of golf on three great course that we thoroughly enjoyed. We brought down 7 pairs this year - maybe more next time round. If Carlsberg organised golf tournaments they wouldn't do it better than your team!

Hope to see you next year. Best regards
John Ward (Kings Norton) and Martin Furber (Kings Norton)


Hello John,

We are just back from our lovely stay in Dorset. We just wanted to thank you for organising a fantastic golf tournament. We found it so friendly and enjoyed playing on 3 very different courses. Even though we were a bit traumatised by the very tricky Bridport Links one, we still want to come back for more!!

So looking forward to seeing you all again next June. We hope you are having a well deserved rest from all that organising!

Thanks once again and take care.
Gill and Steve Thomas. X


Hi John,

Lovely to hear from you and yes I sent you a long text just to thankyou for being so incredibly kind to me and to say how much I have enjoyed yours and Gerry's company over the 2 days.The Jurassic Tour is a wonderful experience and I look forward to playing Bridport....third time lucky?!!! Dee and I have already reserved the dates for next year with Lavinia and look forward to seeing you both again.

Take care
Barbara xxxx


Dear John,

We have had a marvellous few days and are looking forward to next year already. Kind regards
Charles and Tricia Marsh


Really enjoyed the courses and their hospitality. Everyone at all the clubs were very welcoming. Your team were brilliant. Thanks to them all and a special thanks to Heather for marking our card on Day 2. She is a lovely lady and we both really enjoyed her company.

Pete Walton


Hi John,

Well what a great 3 days golfing, not to even include the great night times we had J so many laffs and some many memories it’s what life is all about!

Superbly organised again by you and your team and a big thanks from every single Brummie ;-) We all plan to come again next year, so let me know when the 2018 details are published and I will spread the word again.

Cheers John - Thank you,
Martin Bosco


John just to thank you for your organisation of a great trip which we all enjoyed and had a super time. Very relieved to see the weather after the trials and tribulations of last year.

Jon Vivian